Software Development

Converting Visions into Actions



Develop various kinds of applications including web, cloud, single-page, mobile, and integration solutions.

At TDE, we design and develop robust, reliable, user friendly software applications by good understanding of your exact requirements and business needs. We will analyse your ideas and the process model to deliver well designed, developed and tested products.

We divide software development into various milestones. And have regular reviews with our clients after each milestone to ensure project is on track.

Our developers have extensive knowledge of frontend and backend development and are adept at coding tech such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, Cloud services etc.

  • Well Designed User Interface

    We focus on maximizing usability and the user experience.

  • Clean Code

    We understand the importance of writing clean code as it makes the software easier  to read, maintain and debug.

  • Rigorous Testing

    We conduct rigorous testing to ensure that no errors or defects are present in the software before we deploy it out.

  • Cross Functional Teams

    Our team possess subject matter expertise in a number of industry domains.


The Key to Successful Software Development

Its integral to develop a clear and uniform understanding of application requirements so that we can deliver the right solution for your requirements.

Our team offers full life-cycle software development services to ensure high quality solutions. 

Converting Visions into Actions


Converting Visions into Actions

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